Video 1 - Attending and Accessing Services at the Tribunal Transcript

Title screen - State Administrative Tribunal - 565 Hay Street, Perth.

Narrator: The State Administrative Tribunal is located at 565 Hay Street, in Perth's central business district.

It sits between the Perth City Library and the Public Trustee's Office.

The nearest intersections are Hay Street and Barrack Street, and Hay and Pier Streets.

A number of paid parking options are available near by, and while there's limited street parking there is a dedicated pickup and drop-off bay outside the tribunal.

Security measures include scanners, similar to those at airports. You may be asked to remove items that contain metal before passing through the scanner.

Your bags and other personal items will be screened. No-one can enter the tribunal building with a weapon or anything that could be used as a weapon. It's advisable to allow extra time to complete the security process, so that you arrive on time.

After passing through security, you'll see display boards which list the matters being heard that day. The room number for each hearing or mediation can be found along side the name of the parties on the list.

For example if you were attending the Smith versus Department of Transport hearing, you would go to room six on the first floor.

If you need to make an enquiry or if you need help go to level six and ask one of the counter staff.

This is what you'll see getting out of the lift at level one. Most of the public hearing room floors in the building look similar.

If you're attending a tribunal hearing, one of the tribunal staff will often greet you. Sometimes they'll come outside of the hearing room, where you and others are waiting.

At other times, if you're attending a directions hearing, you can wait inside the hearing room for your matter to be called. The assistant will greet you in the back of the courtroom, ask for your name and record that you are present and ready for your hearing.

If you're taking part in mediation, you can enter the mediation room, or you can wait outside. The member conducting the mediation will arrive when it's due to start, and find the relevant parties.

At the start, the member will explain the mediation process.

If you can't attend a tribunal mediation or hearing, it may be possible to attend via a video or telephone link. If you would like to appear by these options, please contact the tribunal well beforehand.

If you have a disability or come from a different cultural background, the tribunal has resources to help you. For example there is a wheelchair available for use in the building, hearing loops, and access to interpreter services.

If you need help while you're at the tribunal please contact them beforehand, to discuss your needs.