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Media Statement - 5 September 2018

Moves within the Supreme Court and State Administrative Tribunal The Hon Justice Jeremy Curthoys will sit full time in Supreme Court of Western Australia from 1 November 2018 after serving as President of the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) since February 2014.

Judge Timothy Sharp, the Senior Deputy President of SAT, will act as President of the Tribunal.

Chief Justice Peter Quinlan said that in addition to responsibilities across the Court’s General Division, Justice Curthoys would be responsible for the judicial case management of contested probate matters and matters arising under the Family Provision Act 1972. “These matters are the largest growth area of contested matters commenced in the General Division (Civil),” Chief Justice Quinlan said. “Together with new procedures set out in the Consolidated Practice Directions, additional judicial case management will be directed towards improving the timely and cost efficient resolution of these important matters.

“As has occurred in the past, Supreme Court judges are able to sit in the Tribunal as Supplementary Presidential members if required.”