State Administrative Tribunal

Daily Hearings

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The matter name is not displayed for some matters, to protect the identity of the parties. If the name is not displayed, you can use the matter number to identify your matter. It will appear on any correspondence you have received from SAT.

The daily hearing list for: 26 September 2018

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CC 1653/2018Barlow v. City of GosnellsOral Reasons09:00Level 1 - Room 1.02
GAA 2462/2018Hearing10:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
VR 158/2018Department of Communities v. Prendco Pty Ltd t/as Sonas Early Learning and Care Wattle GroveMediation10:00Level 2 - Room 2.03
DR 162/2018LD & R Holdings Pty Ltd v. The Presiding Member of the Metro East Joint Development Assessment PanelMediation10:00Level 2 - Room 2.11
GAA 2436/2018Hearing10:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
CC 1058/2018The Owners of the Linx at Nexus Strata Plan 47739 v. Mangles SMSF Pty LtdHearing10:00Level 3 - Room 3.08
GAA 2446/2018Hearing10:00Level 4 - Room 4.01
DR 95/2018Ben-Pelech v. Town of CambridgeHearing10:00Level 4 - Room 4.04
CC 2501/2017Chevron Australia Pty Ltd v. Valuer GeneralHearing10:00Level 5 - Room 5.06
DR 233/2018KTR Creations v. City of BayswaterMediation10:00On Site
GAA 2632/2018Hearing11:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 2459/2018Hearing11:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
GAA 2487/2018Hearing11:00Level 4 - Room 4.01
GAA 2428/2018Hearing12:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 2427/2018Hearing12:00Level 4 - Room 4.01
GAA 2417/2018Hearing14:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 2420/2018Hearing14:00Level 1 - Room 1.01
GAA 2471/2018Hearing14:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
GAA 2451/2018Hearing14:00Level 4 - Room 4.01
GAA 2745/2018Hearing15:00Level 3 - Room 3.04
GAA 2480/2018Hearing15:00Level 4 - Room 4.01