Vocational Regulation

SAT handles three types of vocational applications.  SAT:

Which enabling laws give SAT the power to make decisions?

There is a list of enabling legislation that gives SAT the power to make disciplinary decisions or to review licensing decisions.

Where do I go if I have a complaint about a regulated occupation?

You must contact the relevant vocational board or body and ask them to investigate the matter. The board will decide if the matter should be referred to SAT.

The vocational boards that can bring matters to SAT are listed in the table.

Where do I go if I want a vocational licensing decision reviewed?

On most occasions you can apply to SAT. However, you must check that the licensing decision was made under an enabling Act that gives SAT the power to review that decision. If you are unsure, check with the licensing authority or use the SAT Wizard.

SAT also publishes regular bulletins which contain summaries of written decisions of note in the vocational and regulation area. Decisions bulletins published prior to July 2014 are available by selecting Vocational & Regulation Decisions Bulletins or for decisions published from July 2014 onwards click here.

If you would like to receive our these bulletins by email, please register your interest by subscribing here.

How will the matter be handled?

Once the application is accepted by SAT it will usually be listed for a directions hearing at which the matter will be sent to a final hearing or referred to mediation or compulsory conference.

Which major vocations does SAT not handle?

SAT does not deal with vocational matters relating to State prison officers, police officers, emergency services personnel and auctioneers. For information on these vocations, contact the relevant Government department or industry association.

For more information on areas not covered by SAT see Outside SAT's Scope.

Last updated: 24-Nov-2016

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