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Video and Telephone Conferencing

In light of the current circumstances, SAT will conduct Hearings and mediations where possible, by telephone or audio link, or video conference, rather than by requiring the parties to attend in person.

  • When a mediation or hearing is conducted by telephone or audio link, or video conference, the SAT will contact parties, or make orders about this, when it lists the mediation or hearing.
  • Information concerning what to do in order to participate in a mediation or hearing by video conference will be provided to all participants in advance of the mediation or hearing, and is also available by selecting this link, Virtual Hearing & Mediation Participant Guide.
  • Participants in a hearing which is conducted by video conference will be assisted to participate in a ‘test’ of the video link before the hearing.
  • When attending a hearing by telephone you need to provide to the Tribunal your contact phone number.

In some circumstances, participants may be required to attend a mediation or a hearing in person. In those cases, social distancing measures must be observed within the mediation or hearing room, in the lifts, and in all public spaces in the SAT.

Last updated: 27 December 2023

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