State Administrative Tribunal

Video and telephone conferencing

SAT will arrange video and telephone conferencing to enable a party to participate in a hearing when they cannot attend in person.

SAT seeks to keep inconvenience and cost to parties to a minimum. Accordingly, SAT encourages parties to participate in proceedings by telephone or videoconference where their personal attendance is difficult and their personal absence is unlikely to prejudice the fair hearing of the case.

Parties living outside the metropolitan area are to participate in hearings and, where appropriate, in mediations and compulsory conferences by telephone and video conference.

Witnesses are also able to give their evidence by video conference if they are based outside the metropolitan area, or reside in other states of Australia or overseas and their personal attendance is not considered critical to the proceedings.

Please contact SAT to discuss your needs for video conferencing or telephone conferencing.

Last updated: 19-Dec-2013

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