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Urgent and Interim applications

What is an interim application?

You will need to file an interim application to have a temporary decision made. A temporary decision is a decision required while a matter is ongoing. An example of a temporary decision is a ‘stay order’ to ‘freeze’ a notice of demolition of a property while a SAT review is underway.

Note that SAT may require an undertaking as to costs or damages as it considered appropriate.

What if my application is urgent?

If your urgency is in relation to a Guardianship and Administration application, you will need to identify it and give reasons for the urgency in the application itself.

Interim applications submitted through eLodgment will be identified as urgent in the SAT system.

For further information you can contact SAT.

How do I apply?

You will need to file an interim application form in addition to the standard application form. You can download the interim application here. Once you have filled it out, you can apply through eLodgment via the eCourts Portal.

You should also file a signed statement explaining why you require this type of application. This will help SAT determine whether the matter is urgent and whether any stay, injunction or other order should be granted.

You should lodge any important documents or materials that might support your application.

Last updated: 31 May 2022

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