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Structure of SAT

Judicial appointments

The President of SAT is a Supreme Court judge.  The President is assisted by two deputy presidents, who are District Court judges.  The judicial members are appointed for a period of five years and may be re-appointed for further terms.

The role of the President and deputy presidents is to ensure the effective functioning and independence of SAT, and to resolve difficult questions of fact and law. They preside on matters where a senior legal presence is required.

Further information can be found under Judicial Profiles.

Non-judicial appointments

Many decisions of SAT are determined by non-judicial members, on their own or in conjunction with other judicial and non-judicial members.

Members may be experienced in law or may be experienced in, or have special knowledge of, relevant professions, occupations and fields in which SAT makes decisions.

Members may be full time or sessional.  Members are appointed for five years and may be re-appointed for further terms.

Further information can be found on the SAT Members page.

Administrative Staff

SAT is supported by an Executive Officer and approximately 69 full time staff.

SAT falls under the portfolio of the State Attorney General. The Court and Tribunal Services division of the Department of Justice is responsible for SAT’s administration, including the provision of an Executive Officer and support staff

Last updated: 22 August 2023

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