State Administrative Tribunal

Serving the Application

Most applications require you to serve the application. This means you must give a copy of your application to people who are affected by it. Under the SAT Rules, you have seven days after applying to SAT to serve the application on the other parties, unless SAT orders otherwise.

These people include:

  • the decision maker in a review application
  • people or organisations named in an original application  
  • any person the SAT Act or enabling law says must have a copy; and
  • any person SAT says must have a copy.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. According to some enabling Acts, such as the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990, the applicant does not have to serve documents on other people. In these cases, SAT will give relevant parties notice of a hearing.

Any non-standard requirements will be listed during the SAT Application Process.

How do I serve the application?

1. An application for a review of a decision may be served by:

  • delivering a copy personally to their address or office;
  • posting a copy; or
  • emailing a copy to a decision maker if they have given SAT a registered email address for service. See the list of Decision Maker's email addresses.

For example, if a person has asked SAT to review a copy of a local government decision to refuse a town planning permit, the applicant should serve the application on the local government authority.

2. An application for an original decision by SAT (all decisions that are not reviews) may be served on the respondent in different ways depending on what kind of respondent it is. You can serve a document on:

  • an individual by personally giving them a copy;
  • a corporation by leaving a copy at its registered office, principal office or principal place of business;
  • an unincorporated association by leaving a copy at its principal office or principal place of business; or
  • a public sector body by faxing, posting or delivering a copy to their office or address for service.

For example, if a local government authority has written to you refusing your application for an extension, then you should serve a copy of the SAT application and documents on the local government authority.

Proposed represented person or represented person - Right to inspect documents

The proposed represented person or the represented person (person for whom a GAA application has been made) has a right to seek access to documents prior to their hearing. They can contact SAT for assistance when requesting access.

How do I find out about any special service requirements?

Instructions regarding special service requirements for particular applications are attached to the application form. These will be displayed during the process of applying to SAT.

If you are unsure of any service requirements, please contact SAT.

Last updated: 23-May-2018

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