State Administrative Tribunal

Respondent's Role

When someone applies to SAT, they have to name the other person (or people) involved in the matter. These people can be called respondents, or are sometimes simply called parties. 

As a respondent or party you have the right to put your views before SAT - to respond to what the applicant is saying.

What do I need to do when I receive a copy of an application?

If you are the respondent, you will receive a notice from SAT advising you the application has been listed for a hearing. This can be:

Do I have to attend the hearing?

You are expected to attend any directions or other hearing and have a right to be heard.

If you, your lawyer, or other representative, do not attend the first directions hearing, a decision may be made in your absence. Also, you need to give SAT notice of representation if you wish to have a representative.

I am a decision maker and my decision is being reviewed, what do I do?

If you are the respondent and a decision maker whose decision is under review, you must lodge all relevant documents or materials with SAT, as required by section 24 of the State Administrative Tribunal Act and the SAT Rules.

Last updated: 23-Aug-2017

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