State Administrative Tribunal

Outside SAT's scope

Some of the matters that are not handled by SAT are listed here.

Consumer and fair trading complaints - contact the Department of Commerce.    

Criminal Injuries - contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal.

Discrimination complaints - contact the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity.

Environmental Protection Act 1986 appeals - contact the Office of the Appeals Convenor.

Industrial relations, employment practices, worker's compensation, common law entitlements - contact the Department of Commerce.  

Mental health reviews - contact the Mental Health Tribunal. (Appeals against the decisions of the MHT come to SAT.)

Racing penalties - contact the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor.

Residential tenancy disputes - contact the Department of Commerce for information on or the Local Court to lodge an application.

Town planning, building approvals and other local government approvals - contact the relevant local government authority. (SAT deals with appeals arising from these types of decisions.)

Vocational complaints - complaints are dealt with by the relevant vocational board that may refer a matter to SAT if there are proper grounds for doing so. See Vocational Regulation

Vocational matters - for matters relating to prison officers, emergency services personnel and auctioneers - contact the relevant Government department. 

Last updated: 7-Sep-2018

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