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Media Enquiries

Media agencies and their representatives (including members of the public), are only entitled to the information provided within the Department of Justice eCourts Portal Daily Cause List, the State Administrative Tribunal's Public Register of Proceedings and Decisions Database.

If you wish to attend a SAT hearing you can seek accreditation by completing the Media Accreditation Application Form and emailing it to

Daily Cause List

The Department of Justice publishes daily court listings on the eCourts Portal website. The court list contains all hearings to be heard on the current business day with the exception of supressed or confidential matters.

The court listings are updated by an automatic overnight process which allows the list to be current and available in the morning prior to commencement of hearings. Subsequently, if any changes are made to listings on the day of the hearing, this will not be reflected on the eCourts Portal.

The court lists on display within the SAT building are an accurate reflection of the hearings for the current day, as they are live and reflect any changes.

The eCourts Portal also provides the ability to Search for Court Listings.

To conduct a search you will need some of the following information (all of which is available through the Register of Proceedings):

  • Matter Number; or
  • Organisation Name; or
  • Given and/or Surname Names

Public Registers

The Tribunal publishes two Public Registers which list basic details of all public matters, as per Section 155 of the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004.

The Register of Proceedings – Commercial Tenancy contains a record of all applications lodged under sections 13(7), 13(7b) and 14A(3) of the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act 1985.

The Register of Proceedings contains a record of the applications lodged under all other sections of the acts which the Tribunal has jurisdiction over, excluding Guardianship and Administration matters.

These registers include:

  • Matter Number
  • Application Lodgment Date
  • Names of the Parties and their Role in the Matter
  • The Act & Section under which the application was lodged
  • The Provision under which the application was lodged &
  • The Current Matter Status

The current status of the matter is as at the date & time of the publication, which can be found on the first page of each register.

Once a matter has been finalised, the Outcome and the Date Finalised will be reflected on the registers.

Please note that the details of some applications are not published in the Public Registers for:

  • Legislative Requirements and Confidentiality Reasons.
  • Suppression Orders

Decisions Database

Once a matter has been finalised, the final outcome will be published in the SAT Decisions Database.  Where matters are ordered to be suppressed by the Tribunal, that matter’s final decision will not published on the Decisions Database.

To search for Decisions (known as Judgments on the Database) you can use the simple search on the left hand side of the screen or the Advanced Search which is below it.

To search for Final Orders, you must use the Advanced Search function however please note that only certain information is searchable at this time.

  • Party Names (Entered into the "Case Name" or "Parties" search fields);
  • Presiding Members (Entered into the "Coram" search field); or
  • A combination of both of these search fields to refine your search.

The best method for accessing Final Orders is to use the Citation Number Link and select the "Orders" decision type.

Each SAT Matter Reference Number consists of three segments

  • Matter Prefix;
  • Matter Number; &
  • Matter Year

To navigate to the Final Order for a given matter, expand the Matter Year, then the Matter Prefix, and then finally the group of fifty which contains the Matter Number that you are looking for.

If the final order has been published it will appear in the group of fifty which you have expanded.


The Tribunal conducts mediations to assist parties to resolve issues, mediations are confidential and no record of the mediation is made. No outcomes or details are placed on file. Additional information regarding mediation can be found here.

Further Information

If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking, you may wish to consider contacting the parties directly, however please note that Tribunal staff cannot assist by providing you with the private contact details of parties.

If your enquiry does not relate to the particulars of a matter before the Tribunal, please complete the Contact SAT form.

Last updated: 22 August 2023

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