State Administrative Tribunal


SAT’s functions and powers are established by the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004. Its jurisdiction is governed by more than 150 Acts (known as enabling Acts) named in the State Administrative Tribunal (Conferral of Jurisdiction) Amendment and Repeal Act 2004 (Conferral Act) and is conferred occasionally by specific enabling Acts.


The enabling Acts give SAT the jurisdiction to review decisions, consider disciplinary matters or make original decisions. (See Types of applications below.)

The importance of enabling laws

Applicants to SAT need to know the relevant Act and section, and in some cases the regulation or town planning scheme, which together are known as enabling laws. Applicants may only bring a matter before SAT if an enabling law gives SAT the power to make a decision on that matter. See Applications.

Where the provisions of an enabling Act conflict with those in the SAT Act, the enabling Act prevails.

Last updated: 13-Feb-2015

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