Final Decisions

Matters may be finalised at SAT in the following ways:

Once a final decision has been made, a SAT member makes final orders to enable it to be carried out.

Are all decisions available in writing?

All final decisions must be in writing and a copy must be given to each party.

Can SAT delay its decision?

SAT may reserve its final decision for up to 90 days (unless the President grants an extension).

Will I be told the reasons for the final decision?

Reasons are provided for all decisions.

The reasons for a reserved final decision must be in writing.

You may request within 28 days that the reasons for a final decision be given in writing. A transcript of a member's reasons that have been given verbally is sufficient.

Can I view past decisions?

Most SAT decisions are available on this website. Confidential matters, particularly those to do with guardianship, administration and mental health, may not always be publicly available. See Decisions Database.


See Jurisdiction & Legislation.

Last updated: 19-Dec-2013

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