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Most reasons for decisions and consent orders can be found in full on the SAT's Decisions Database. For privacy reasons, SAT has removed from some decisions any features that could identify the parties or other people. For example, this applies to guardianship issues.

SAT vocational disciplinary penalties database

The SAT Vocational Disciplinary Penalties Database documents include summaries of all penalties imposed by the Tribunal in vocational disciplinary matters since the commencement of SAT in January 2005. The SAT Vocational Disciplinary Penalties Database documents are divided into the following sections:

  • Builders and Architects
  • Child Care and Education Services
  • Health Practitioners
  • Legal Practitioners
  • Real Estate and Business Agents
  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Miscellaneous Vocations (Electricians, Finance Brokers, Hairdressers, Land Valuers, Licensed Surveyors, Motor Vehicle Dealers, Motor Vehicle Repairers, Painters, Plumbers and Travel Agents).

The Tribunal updates the database documents periodically.

Decisions of former tribunals replaced by SAT

A number of decisions made by the following former boards, referees or tribunals before January 2005 have also been included in the database:

  • Guardianship and Administration Board (before 24 January 2005);
  • Commercial Tribunal;
  • Strata Titles Referee;
  • Retirement Villages Disputes Tribunal; and
  • Town Planning Appeals Tribunal.

In addition, the following documents contain indexes of WA town planning and equal opportunity decisions made by former tribunals:

Previous Reasons for Decision of the Building Disputes Tribunal

As of 29 August 2011, the Building Disputes Tribunal commenced to be wound down and the resolution of building disputes is now available through Building and Energy, a division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. If you wish to visit their site, please use the link below:

To find previous Building Disputes Tribunal reasons for decision please click the following link:

Decisions of other tribunals and courts

Decisions of SAT and other Australian tribunals and courts can also be found on Austlii. Austlii enables you to search Australia-wide for decisions of relevance to matters in SAT.

Last updated: 19-Jul-2021

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