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SAT commenced publishing its combined monthly decisions bulletin from July 2014, each bulletin includes summaries of all published decisions for Human Rights, Commercial and Civil, Development and Resources and Vocational and Regulation decisions for the relevant month. The first bulletin was published in August 2014.

The SAT Monthly Decisions Bulletin contains:

  1. Summaries of all WASAT decisions published during the relevant month, grouped under the relevant enabling Act.
  2. Brief details of penalties imposed by consent orders in vocational regulation disciplinary proceedings published during the relevant month and grouped under the relevant Act.
  3. Summaries of all Supreme Court appeal decisions from SAT decisions during the relevant month.

SAT Monthly Decisions Bulletin

If you would like to receive the SAT Monthly Decisions Bulletin regularly by email, please register by subscribing here.

If you are already subscribed to one of the previous SAT bulletins, you do not have to subscribe for the new bulletin as your subscription will be transferrd to the SAT Monthly Decisions Bulletin automatically. If you do not wish to receive the new bulletin please remove your subscription by un-subscribing here.

From 1 October 2006 to 30 June 2014 SAT regularly published bulletins which contained summaries of published decisions. These decisions and summaries are still available, see below:

Human Rights Decisions Bulletins

Commercial and Civil Decisions Bulletins

Development and Resources Decisions Bulletins

Vocational and Regulation Decisions Bulletins

Last updated: 8-Aug-2014

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