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Customer Service Charter

Who we are

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) is a low cost, accessible, efficient, informal and independent Tribunal which delivers high quality decision-making and dispute resolution.

Our Vision

To be one of Australasia’s leading tribunals that adopts best practice and innovative technology in making fair and timely decisions for the benefit of the people of the State of Western Australia.

Our Objectives

  • To achieve the resolution of questions, complaints or disputes, and make or review decisions fairly and according to the substantial merits of the case.
  • To act as speedily and with as little formality and technicality as is practicable, and minimise the cost to parties.
  • To make appropriate use of the knowledge and experience of Tribunal members.

Our Core Values

  • Excellent Service.
  • Integrity and Accountability.
  • Equity and Fairness.
  • Collaboration and Learning.
  • Professional Autonomy.

In your dealings with SAT, you have a right to the following:

  • A fair and impartial hearing.
  • Respect from staff and decision-makers.
  • Reasonable help to understand our practices and procedures.
  • Special arrangements if you have a disability, require an interpreter or have cultural requirements which need to be accommodated.

In your dealings with SAT, you can expect that we will:

  • Provide you with an interpreter if you require the help of an interpreter.
  • Provide you with clear and accurate information.
  • Treat you with courtesy, respect and professionalism.
  • Listen to your comments and deal with any reasonable problems.
  • Respond to your inquiries promptly.

SAT cannot:

  • Recommend a lawyer.
  • Provide you with legal advice.
  • Help you prepare your case.
  • Predict the likely outcome of your case.

In your dealings with SAT, we expect that you will:

  • Treat us with respect and courtesy.
  • Provide us with timely, complete and accurate information.
  • Be on time to your hearing.
  • Be prepared for your hearing and know your case and the legislation that applies to it.
  • Comply with directions and orders that are made about your case.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you need an interpreter or have a disability or cultural requirements that need to be accommodated.

In order to be accountable, we will:

  • Provide support and training to our staff and decision-makers to ensure we meet our objectives.
  • Seek feedback from our regular stakeholders and respond to their perspectives.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback or to make a complaint. Our complaint resolution policy, which you can find on the SAT website, explains the process for providing feedback or making a complaint.

Last updated: 21 August 2023

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