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Complaints Policy

Complaints against Members or administrative staff of the State Administrative Tribunal

This policy applies to complaints about Judicial and Non-Judicial Members of the Tribunal, and administrative staff of the Tribunal, and explains how those complaints are dealt with.

What complaints are covered by this policy?

A complaint is a record of a person’s dissatisfaction with the conduct of a Judicial or Non-Judicial Member of the Tribunal, or the conduct of a member of the administrative staff of the Tribunal.

What matters cannot be the subject of a complaint?

A complaint cannot be made for the purpose of changing a decision made by a Member of the Tribunal.  If you are dissatisfied with a decision of the Tribunal you should seek advice about your rights to seek a review or appeal of that decision.  The Tribunal is not able to provide you with that advice.

A complaint cannot be made for the purpose of changing the Member who is listed to deal with a matter.  If you consider that the Member listed to deal with your matter should not do so, you must make an application for the Member to disqualify themselves.  Any such application will be dealt with by the Member in accordance with the legal principles concerning disqualification.


The Tribunal welcomes feedback - whether positive or negative - about its functions and processes. 

Feedback about the Tribunal’s functions and processes generally should not be given in the form of a complaint. Please use the feedback form instead.

Unreasonable complaint conduct

The Tribunal will not be able to investigate or deal with your complaint if your conduct is unreasonable.  Unreasonable conduct may include:

  • excessive or persistent repetition of an issue;
  • inappropriate demands or expectations;
  • abusive, trivial or vexatious behaviour;
  • persistently contacting the Tribunal while your complaint is being investigated or after an outcome has been provided to you.

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Last updated: 21 August 2023

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