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The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in Western Australia deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These matters span human rights, vocational regulation, commercial and civil disputes, and development and resources issues.

The Tribunal is the primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. It also makes a wide variety of original decisions.

Before completing an application under the Strata Titles Act 1985 or the Guardianship & Administration Act 1994 the following may assist in determining if you can or need to bring an application before the Tribunal.

>> Strata Titles

Guidance to Strata Companies, Owners and Tenants to resolve disputes.

>> Guardianship and Administration

Information and options available for people who may no longer be able to make reasonable decisions for themselves.

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SAT Application Wizard Update
Saved applications are now accessable. [16/05/2017]
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SAT has a new online resolution tool.
The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) is pleased to announce the launch of an online resolution tool, the first of its kind for Western Australian Courts and Tribunals [08/05/2017]
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The SAT Regulations 2004 have been amended
The State Administrative Tribunal Regulations 2004 have been amended by the State Administrative Tribunal Amendment Regulations (No. 3) 2016. [14/01/2017]
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SAT's Annual Report Available
The SAT Annual Report for the 2015 - 2016 financial year has now been published. [14/10/2016]
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SAT Fees
SAT fees have been increased from today, Monday 4 July 2016. [04/07/2016]
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