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Daily Hearings

Tribunal hearings and directions are open to the public, however, compulsory conferences and mediation sittings are closed.

The matter name is not displayed for some matters, to protect the identity of the parties. If the name is not displayed, you can use the matter number to identify your matter. It will appear on any correspondence you have received from SAT.

The daily hearing list for: 21 September 2017

Note: You may wish to use your browser's "Find" function to facilitate searching on this page, this should be available from the "Edit" menu on your browser.

The Hearing List is also available on the eCourts Portal of WA and is searchable by name, jurisdiction and location.

For future hearing dates you may also conduct a Search for Court Listings.

CC 1029/2017Kelmscott Senior Football Club Inc. v. Western Australian Amateur Football League (Inc)Hearing10:00Level 1 - Room 1.06

VR 154/2017Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia v. PhilipMediation10:00Level 2 - Room 2.07

DR 287/2016WA Timber Supplies Pty Ltd v. City of SwanMediation10:00Level 2 - Room 2.11

GAA 2116/2017Hearing10:00Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2755/2017Hearing10:00Level 4 - Room 4.08

GAA 2098/2017Hearing10:00Level 5 - Room 5.02

CC 682/2017Patterson v. Citygate Properties Pty LtdHearing10:00On Site

DR 260/2017Magro Nominees Pty Ltd v. City of StirlingMediation10:00On Site

DR 255/2017Dawson v. Shire of Serpentine-JarrahdaleMediation10:00On Site

GAA 2139/2017Hearing11:00Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2121/2017Hearing12:00Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2175/2017Hearing12:30Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2153/2017Hearing14:00Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2356/2017Hearing15:00Level 4 - Room 4.01

GAA 2292/2017Hearing15:00Level 5 - Room 5.02

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