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The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in Western Australia deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These matters span human rights, vocational regulation, commercial and civil disputes, and development and resources issues.

The Tribunal is the primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. It also makes a wide variety of original decisions.

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SAT's Annual Report Available
The SAT Annual Report for the 2015 - 2016 financial year has now been published. [14/10/2016]
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SAT Fees
SAT fees have been increased from today, Monday 4 July 2016. [04/07/2016]
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The SAT Rules 2004 have been amended
The State Administrative Tribunal Rules 2004 have been amended by the State Administrative Tribunal Amendment Rules (No. 2) 2016. [20/05/2016]
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New orders and email contact
SAT has a new Order format and preference for mail contact with parties [12/04/2016]
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SAT vocational disciplinary penalties database
The SAT Vocational Disciplinary Penalties Database has been expanded to include Real Estate and Business Agents and now comprises summaries of all penalties imposed by the Tribunal in vocational disciplinary matters between the commencement of SAT in January 2005 and December 2015. [29/01/2016]
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SAT Register of Proceedings
SAT’s Register of Proceedings for 2015 has now been split into two separate registers. [21/12/2015]
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